How to Highlight Text in Notion

Can You Highlight Text in Notion?

Absolutely, you can highlight text in Notion and it can be very useful. There’s a few different ways to do this which are outlined below.

Why Highlighting Text in Notion is Useful

Highlighting text in Notion serves as a valuable technique to enhance your note-taking and organization. By using highlights, you can quickly identify critical details, important concepts, or action items within your content. This visual distinction simplifies information retrieval, aids in studying, and enables efficient scanning of lengthy documents. Whether you’re creating study guides, project plans, or simply want to emphasize essential points, highlighting in Notion offers an effective way to improve comprehension and streamline your workflow.

Method 1: Highlighting Using The Formatting Bar

Start by select the text you want to add a highlight colour to, you should then see the formatting bar pop up

Click on the drop down arrow next to the ‘A’ symbol and then select a background colour for your text.

Once you select this, you’re all done!

Method 2: Highlighting Using The Shortcut

As with most things in Notion, there’s also a keyboard shortcut for this.

Simply select the text you want to highlight and press Ctrl+Shift+H if you’re a windows user, or Cmd+Shift+H if you’re a mac user.


The ability to highlight text in Notion is a versatile and practical feature that can greatly enhance your note-taking and organizational tasks. Whether you’re emphasizing key points in your study materials, marking important sections in project plans, or simply making your content more visually comprehensible, highlighting provides a clear and effective way to enhance information retrieval and streamline your workflow. Notion offers multiple methods to achieve this, making it easy for you to customize your notes according to your preferences. By utilizing the formatting bar or the convenient keyboard shortcuts, you can effortlessly incorporate highlights into your documents. So, whether you’re a Windows or Mac user, take advantage of this powerful feature to make your Notion experience even more efficient and productive.


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