200+ Free Aesthetic Notion Covers (The Best Banner Image Ideas)

What is a Notion Cover Image?

In Notion, a cover image serves as the visual centerpiece for your pages, databases, and workspaces. It’s the first thing you and others see when accessing a specific page or database, making it an essential element for creating an engaging and organized digital environment. Just like a book cover, a Notion cover image captures the essence of your content, providing a glimpse into what lies within.

The cover image acts as a visual cue, helping you quickly identify different pages and databases at a glance. It adds a touch of personalization and aesthetics to your workspace, allowing you to convey the theme, purpose, or mood of your content through imagery. Whether you’re designing a project dashboard, a study guide, or a personal journal, a well-chosen cover image can set the tone and create a welcoming entry point to your digital space.

To add a cover image in Notion, simply click on the “Add Cover” option when editing a page or database. You can upload an image from your device, choose from Notion’s library of stock images, or use an image link. With this simple yet impactful feature, you can enhance the visual appeal and organization of your Notion pages and databases, making them more engaging and user-friendly.

1. Unsplash

notion image of books

If you head to Unsplash and type the exact kind of aesthetic cover image you want, there will be a number if images that suit your needs. All images on Unsplash are royalty free so you can safely use them in your Notion projects. Make sure to download the highest quality version so it looks fantastic as a Notion cover image.

2. Colour & Gradient Collection (140)

This pack of Notion cover images has a mix of solid colours and gradient images to keep your workspace looking clean, consistent and aesthetically pleasing. The color scheme of these images is based on Notion’s default text and background colours. These look great on both light mode and dark mode.

3. Cacti and Succulents Pack (20)

Any plants fans out there? This Cacti and Succulents pack is for you! There’s 20 cover images featuring cacti and succulents, as well as 30 bonus cover images with matching colors for all of your secondary pages. You don’t even have to water these ones.

4. Element Cover Image Pack

This is a great cover image pack that’s both minimalist and colorful. This collection features a cohesive aesthetic inspired by the elements: earth, fire, sand and water. Choose your favorite element or use some of each in your workspace to mix things up!


Elevate your Notion experience with cover images that breathe life into your digital realm. Just like a captivating book cover, these visual gems offer a tantalizing preview of what awaits within your pages and databases. Quickly distinguish between sections, infuse personal flair, and convey the vibe of your content in a glance.

Whether you’re a minimalist, a nature lover, or an aficionado of gradients, a well-chosen cover image paints the perfect backdrop for your digital endeavors. It’s as easy as a click – add cover, upload, or link – and watch your Notion workspace transform into an engaging, aesthetic haven that reflects your style and purpose.

Explore a universe of cover image options, and let your creativity thrive in the world of Notion!


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